Squadra Interne Wedstrijd Competitie

The Squadra Interne Wedstrijde Competitie (SIWC) is the internal club competition. The competition consists of a handful of races on our track, that test all kinds of skills! The leader of the classification gets to wear the coveted Leader’s Jersey. This is the perfect level to get accustomed to racing, and guarantees a safe and accessible level of racing.

Since 2017, there has been a separate classification for the women’s competition.

2023/24 SIWC Classification

PositionMen’s ClassificationPointsWomen’s ClassificationPoints

Calendar 2023/24

  • 28th March – Individual Time Trial
  • 2nd May – Elimination Race + Points
  • 16th May – Loopfiets Competition
  • 23rd May – Team Time Trial

There will be a Crit held at an external track. The 100/50 Lap Race will be held somewhere in September, the date is yet to be confirmed.

Last Season’s Winners


Men’s Winner: Romke van Heezik

Women’s Winner: Henriëtte Eijking

Older Winners

YearWinner Men’s ClassificationWinner Women’s Classification
2022Romke van HeezikHenriëtte Eijking
2021Sander LaseurHenriëtte Eijking
2020Joris de MönninkElla van de Pol
2019Jules de CockElla van de Pol
2018Dirk van LeukenEllen de Boer
2017Peter de WinterTeuntje Beekhuis
2016Thijs Haenen
2015Peter de Winter
2014Thijs Haenen
2013Wouter van Roosmalen